Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Little Reflection

Please excuse the random tone of this rant . . .

In light of the 'accomplishment' of Barry Bonds' 'surpassing' Henry Aaron's career homerun mark, let's remember some of the game's true heroes. There are many in the game's history who have not put up the numbers the numbers that Barry Bonds has, but who have contributed to the game in ways that Bonds never will; men such as Ozzie Smith, Andre Dawson, and Dale Murphy. How about men who put up big numbers such as Tony Gwynn, Henry Aaron, Ted Williams, and Cal Ripken, Jr.? Tyrus Raymond Cobb, Lou Gherig?

To be fair, baseball has had its share of players who were of questionable character. Hell, even those who argue that Ty Cobb was can't argue that he played the game (even with a stab wound) with passion and gave his team (and the game) everything that he had. Can we say the same about Bonds?

While the baseball writers hail Barry Bonds as the 'home run king,' I believe that true fans of the game will never recognize him as such. Our one consolation is that it looks like he will never win a championship.

Go to hell Barry. You're a disgrace to the game.


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