Monday, May 07, 2007

Sometimes Life Throws You Lemons

For the few of you who may possibly care, have compassion, or get a laugh at my expense, let me give you a brief rundown of the past 1 1/2 weeks of my life.

1. I become covered in poison ivy
2. I get really sick
3. My house gets burglarized
4. I lose my scholarship for some bureaucratic reason

So is this where I tell you that I am going to make lemonade? Well, the first two reasons, no. Not much I can do about that. #4? I can appeal, perhaps call my state representative, or perhaps pay my tuition out of pocket. Hey, only two more semesters and I'm finished anyway. But #3? Possibly.

I have good reason to suspect that the person (s) who burglarized my house was (were) associated either directly or indirectly to my cockroach-low rent-ghetto rat neighbors. The kind of neighbors who really give the neighborhood a real face lift when they move in. I guess the reason that I am writing this is so that I don't do what I feel like doing. Look, I study history. I have to read all day about social class stratification and all of this crap about how the middle class flees when the poor start moving into their neighborhoods. Many will argue that there is a racial component in the mix. In many instances I will agree. I guess that my point is that you can read, study, sympathize, even try to understand why things are the way that they are and come to some "enlightened" conclusion about the state of our society. For me, I was almost there. I sit with my nose in a book listening to an academic turn "stealing" into "removing items" from someone's home as a way for a marginalized member of society to assert their place in white middle-class society. Yeah, I was almost there until our house was burglarized and things that we worked hard for, things which we used to try to better ourselves were stolen. I wonder how many people that write some of this crap live in the type neighborhoods that they discuss in their research.

Now I will make lemonade: We get new computers. The moron who robbed us took one computer that was 2 years old and another that was over 4 years old; they left the power chords to both computers; they stole from someone who doesn't easily forget, believes in retribution, and believes that contrary to mainstream moral consensus, not all human life is sacred. In fact, many people who are alive today should probably be sterilized because of the damage they can potentially do to humanity by their procreation.

With that being said, and although I am still fairly angry about the situation, I am grateful that nothing worse happened. Whoever broke into our house was decent enough to not hurt our dog. Hopefully no one that I know will have to experience this sort of thing. I am still seething at the thought of some cockroach imposing his vile existence in our home. However, as a very wise woman whom I know says: Revenge is a dish best served cold, with a long wooden spoon. I'm out.


Blogger Sean said...

Nice example of a post barely concealing the anger just under the surface using reason and logic. How did you do that without using the word "fuck", "fucktard", or "jackass"? You are a talented motherfucker indeed.

10:31 AM  

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